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50 Things About Me

I’ve been long over due in actually getting around to this.

1.  I had a poem read on the radio when I was 11, I think it was about a bird.

2.  I’ve lived in 4 states and none have felt like home.

3.  I attended college part-time my senior year of high school.

4.  I love peanut butter, even if it gives me heartburn.

5.  I’m allergic to pork.

6.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate.

7.  I’m an only child and no, it’s not nearly as much fun as people seem to think.

8.  I love gadgets.

9.  I love shiny things and that is separate from gadgets.

10.  I’m a news junkie, CNN is my favorite channel.

11.  I can listen to the same song for hours, and have since high school.

12.  I’ve always been the one to set up electronics in my family.

13.  I had a crush on the same boy all through high school, he knew it and we were friends anyway.

14.  I was a featured singer in an elementary school concert.  We sang selections from Jonathan Livingston Seagul.

15.  Every woman in my mother’s family has a crush on Neil Diamond.

16.  I’m lousy at math.

17.  I love to quilt, it’s my legacy from my recently deceased Grandmother.

18.  I have more pens than I will ever own up to, let alone use.

19.  I love Japanese pens and have more than I’ll own up to.

20.  I modeled for an art teacher in college.

21.  I have super hearing.

22.  I’ve been going grey since I was about 21 and refuse to dye it, besides it’s developing a really cool stripe along the left side.

23.  I’ve always had long hair, and once it was long enough to sit on.

24.   I love being barefoot, I once walked home from school (about 1/2 a mile) barefoot.

25.  I hate spiders.  Just typing the word is hard.

26.  I have worn glasses since high school.

27.  I’ve been boy crazy since kindergarten.

28.  I had my first date less than a week before I graduated high school.

29.  My Spanish 2 class in high school was taught (at least until winter break) by a con-artist with no teaching license.

30.  I still have a stuffed dog that was given to me before I left the hospital when I was born.

31.  I have had a least one psychic dream.

32.  I have watched men in armor fight on a battlefield.

33.  I have helped a man get into (and out of)  a suit of armor.

34.  I have fired a gun only once in my life, I was barely 10 and I’m not sure my parents know about it.

35.  I watched “The Sweetest Thing” film a scene a block from my apartment (ex-bf’s apartment).

36.  I have helped my father make wine.

37.  I hate the sound of my voice but will sing at the top of my lungs as long as no one else is around.

38.  I can remember lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in 15 years.

39.  I taught myself to write, legibily, with my left hand.  Unfortunately I no long have that skill.

40.  I wanted to be an interior decorator, until I learned just how much math was involved.

41.  I know virtually nothing about cars, but love the BBC America program “Top Gear.”

42.  I am very shy in crowds.

43.  I still wearing my high school class ring, even if it’s too big for my hand.

44.  I cannot work in silence.  I did my homework to the tv and I write to it, well that or music.

45.  I have 2 grandparents who have lived to at least 90.

46.  I don’t drink much soda, unless is fruit flavored.

47.  I love “limited edition” candies,  like Kit-Kat and Kisses, I’ll try any flavor I can find.

48.  I am not comfortable talking on the phone and am always nervous making phone calls.

49.  I am short and I love it.

50.  I love horses but never learned to ride.

Okay, this was suppose to be 100 things but this has taken me 2 months to pull together so 50 is all you get for now.


  1. I love this list so far! It’s been great getting to know you better these last couple of months … even though Facebook is taking up more time than either of us really should be spending. 🙂

    Just one question I can’t help but ask … on #33, was it more fun helping him into it or out of it? The romance writer in me is just dying to know.

    Comment by kimberlyfoley — February 16, 2009 @ 10:39 am

  2. Kim, I’ll leave the answer to #33 up to your own imagination. 😉

    Comment by coffeegirl88 — February 16, 2009 @ 11:02 am

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