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July 18, 2008

Writing supplies

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It is just me or do all writers drool over the office supply store?  Am I the only one who looks forward to the back-to-school season for all the new shiny pretty things that appear?   I don’t know what gets me worse, all the new pens in colors you don’t find during the rest of the year (orange ballpoint any one) or the prices.  I have enough filler paper to last me years that I bought for .50 a pack last year.  I buy pens by the pack for .50 as well.  It always seems like such a  bargain, then I get it home and realize I had the same thought last year. 

What surprises me this year, is that back-to-school season is here.  It’s July folks.  I started seeing the displays about two weeks after school let out.  I mean talk about cruel.  For as much as I love it, the kids must just groan.  They just get out of school, shake off all that, dig into summer and BAM school supplies start appearing.  Nothing like never letting a person forget. 

Of course, even when I was in school I liked shopping for the stuff.  I hated school, but loved the papers and pens.  I used to have a set of LePens.  Anyone remember those very thin fiber point pens.  I have lavender and light green and pink.  I remember color coding stories even back then.

Yup, I’m a writer and a dork.

July 8, 2008


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I’ve been thinking the last day or so about my back list of ideas.  I’ve been collecting them right along, so yes, I have some stories I created when I was 14 or 15.  I remember some of my earlier stories and worrying that they weren’t “big” enough.  Looking back at them, they were category stories.  Long before I was ready to own that I was writing romance novels, I was formulating the ideas for them. 

Where did this get started?

Well, I remembered a script I wrote about a decade ago (God I’m getting old) and realized it was a nearly complete idea.  The script comes in at about 100 pages.  I know it’s not complete as there were a couple scenes I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them so I skipped them in the outline.  I realized I could go back and rewrite that story as a novel. 

Unfortunately the screenwriting software I wrote it with isn’t installed on the desktop.  I only installed it on my previous laptop.  So I couldn’t print it.  Which sucks.  That process, and the update the desktop insisted upon doing took up 90 minutes of my afternoon and sucked all the energy I had.  It was nearly 90 here today.  I had one burst of energy and that was it.  So now I have to dig out the manual for the software.  I think I can save the files as .pdfs, which if that’s the case then I’ll got back to my old laptop and do just that. 

But all that is a plan for another day.  Hopefully tomorrow.  The heat has broken here and I’ll be more inclined to do something other than veg.

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