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October 16, 2008

a little calm

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I hate being wound up.  I hate tension.  I hate drama. 

So I logged into my cell phone account today and found my new bill.  It was the exact price I was promised my monthly bill wouldn’t be.   I.  Hit.  The.  Roof.  Of course, because the website was in the process of updating I couldn’t actually see a print out of the bill for about 20 minutes.  Those were not pretty minutes let me tell you.  When I finally got to see the bill I understood.  See when I got the new shiny, it needed a new service.  Verizon, the little black hearts, pro-rated my bill.  So it’s about $30 more this month than it will be every month after.  (deep breath in, deep breath out) 

I feel better now.  I also know, thanks to the cool chick I spoke to at customer service, how to avoid the pro-rating i.e. buy everything on line.  So, later, when the stress headache goes away completely I’ll download my ring tone.  The one I lost when I changed phones.  I need my ring tone,  it’s sexy and  . . . well sexy.  I’m also thinking of downloading (purchasing, whatever) a second one for the email sounder.  I mean anything would be better than the “clunk” it does now.  I’ve never hated every ring tone that came pre-installed before, but I don’t like a damn one of them on my Blackberry.  Of course you could say I’m just picky.

Not much else right now in my little life.  Fall has come back after Summer came back around for one last hurrah (the little tease).


  1. I hear ya on the calm–much better than drama any day. And changing cell phones? Oh, that’s a big one. Glad to hear you made it through relatively unscathed!

    So how’s the writing going? 🙂

    Comment by pamwritesromance — October 17, 2008 @ 1:56 pm

  2. The writing is on hold a little. I need to get back to and I will, but other stuff keeps popping up and it’s stuff I just can’t put off until I’ve written a few pages.

    Comment by coffeegirl88 — October 17, 2008 @ 2:19 pm

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