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November 30, 2008

My last NaNo report

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NaNoWriMo has come to an end.  Did I “win?”  Nope.  I was feeling bad about that most of this past week, but not any more.  Part of it may be acceptance.  A larger part of it is reality.  I look at my final total (33,066) and I’m damn proud.  I have never, ever, in my life taken a story to that word count.  Period.  I see some of my early daily totals and am blown away.  I used to think 1200 words a days was something big (and it is) but to have 2,000 and 3,000 word days that is really something.  If I can do it one I can do it again and I certainly plan to. 

How do I feel about what I’ve written?  Good.  I’m sorry but I’m not one of those writers who is ashamed of what I’ve written.  If my manuscript was all in Word (half is still in scrip format) I would happily email it to a friend for a first read.  But then again, I am a Leo and have the ego to prove it. 

What’s next?  I’m not completely sure.  I had planned to start work on a new story and nearly did here this past week out of frustration.  I did however, have my NaNo story start talking to me again so who knows?  I’m thinking right now I’ll take the first couple days of this week and work my NaNo book “On the Way Down” and see what comes of it.  I had always planned to expand it out for the remainder of Sven so that part is on track. 

The other story?  Well, I’m still struggling a little with it.  It’s never been a fully formed idea.  I had a few new scenes come to me this weekend which is good but it’s still very raw. 

Other things in my life?  Well, this is my stress season the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The full details of that, by the way, I won’t explain here.  Let me be vague and just say too much family too many strong personalities.

November 23, 2008

who am I?

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I was asked about one of my on line names and since it’s a little too long of a story to explain via Twitter I decided to blog about it.

Several years ago I created an on line id that wasn’t my own name.  That name is Rose Ayn.  Now, I use it in a lot of places, specifically in larger on line communities where my real name (Cynthia) would already be taken.  And yes, it is a name I have considered publishing under.

The origins of Rose Ayn is this.  My mother, for all my life, has called me “Rose.”  It’s in no part of my real name, but it’s just one of those nicknames a mother gives a child that sticks.  She used it so much while I was growing up that I will answer to it to this day.  Now, I also have a relative with the first name of Rose.  Okay let me back track here, I don’t know for an absolute fact that I’m related to this person – it’s another family story I have no reason to doubt but have never confirmed this on my own.  The relative I speak of, very distant relative, is Rose Wilder Lane.  Don’t recognize the name?  Perhaps you know her mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder?  My family can be traced to the Wilders, apparently.  So, I’ve always had an affection for the family and love when I can learn something new.  A few years back I picked up a couple books by Ayn Rand, I tucked one into my purse one Sunday to read while in church (hey don’t judge).  I was reading the introduction and forward and all the historical information (which is all I’ve read of that book to this date) and was surprised to find a mention of Rose Wilder Lane.  When I got home I did a  little internet research and found out that Lane and Rand were contemporaries and friends.  Somewhere in doing all this research I started turning the names around in my head and Rose Ayn was born.

So, that’s how I put together my alternate ID.

November 21, 2008

NaNo day – 21

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I think I know now what everyone meant when they complained about week 2.  Week 3 has officially kicked my ass.   I haven’t even written 2,000 words this week.  Normally that’s a daily total for me.  The problem, I did too good a job writing the first two weeks.  I have a full formed, all be it short, story.  I hadn’t planned on starting draft 2 before December 1st but that’s exactly what I did late last night.  I was tired of not writing and didn’t want to loss the momentum I’d built up this month.  It’s been an amazing month and I’ve had my eyes opened and I just didn’t want to stop.  So I’m not.   My plan, as it stands, for this weekend is to work on turning my first draft screenplay into a second draft novel.   This isn’t so much a rewrite as it is a transcription and translation.  We’ll see how this goes over the weekend and then I’ll decide on Monday if I want to continue or start on another project.  I want to hit that magical 50,000 word goal for NaNo but I’m just not certain I can do it with this project.  It’s a little frustrating for me because when I started this month I assumed (yeah I know) that I could do it without problem.  Okay, maybe not without any problems, I just didn’t expect this one.

November 18, 2008

Nano – day 18 (we have a problem)

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So, I’ve hit the 30,000 word mark and now as I look at what I have left to write I realize I don’t have enough to push me past the 50,000 word goal.  I have at least 3 sex scenes I need to write and that’s it.  I mean, I look forward to challenging myself to writing longer scenes than I have in the past, but come on this is too much even for me.  20,000 words spread over 3 sex scenes?  Nope that’s too much.  I think this is why I’ve been so distracted with the new shiny project I plan to start fresh on December 1st.  I know that story will push me to well over 50,000 words.  Hell, I expect that first draft to come in closer to 75,000 words.  It’s a longer, more complicated story.  

Now, I do have plans for the next draft of this story and I have faith that I’ll get this story to a real industry standard length with draft two, but that’s not what NaNo is for.  NaNo is first draft madness.  So, here I sit, slowly working out the first of the sex scenes wondering what I’ll do to make it to 50,000.  I’ve come this far, I want to hit that target, but the scenes have to matter to the story.  Here’s hoping my characters have a really brilliant idea or two or twelve in the next couple of days.

November 16, 2008

NaNo – day 16

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Day 16 and I’m not fried, this pleases me very much.  But I have found a new challenge.  I had my next story come at me.  On one hand this is good news as I’m still able to create even after writing 30,000 words in 16 days.  It is however, also bad news, but now I have new(ish) shiny that will be trying to distract me from my goal.  I will write at least 50,000 words on “On The Way Down” this month.  So now I have to balance the continuation of this project with the ideas I’m spinning on the new one.  Well, I say new but the idea isn’t so much.  I’ve used this idea for a previous session of Sven and managed maybe 8,000 words total. 

I haven’t written a word today.  I decided to take this Sunday as a creative non-writing day.  So I pulled out some quilting and popped in one of my Netflix discs to enjoy.  And I did, until the movie ended and I realized that it’s the first in a trilogy and it looks likes parts 2 and 3 won’t be made so it didn’t have the proper ending.  I’m not happy about this.  This is the second Sunday in a row where I’ve done this.  I’ve settled in with a movie and quilting and found my self with movies that end abruptly.   Now, I knew that No Country for Old Men had a weird ending, I just wasn’t prepared for it.  I apparently missed the news that The Golden Compass didn’t really end either.  This is frustrating because I am currently in one of those moods where none of the movies I own are interesting.  Give me another month and I’ll be all about my own collection and ignore the Netflix but that’s not now.  I wanted to enjoy a movie, not have to get up during the end credits and do an internet search for part 2 that doesn’t exist. 

Add in to all this that it’s cold and snowing and we’re expecting nearly a foot of snow and this has not been the best Sunday.  Oh and because I’m grumpy about the weather and thinking how much I want to live somewhere a little warmer it has been thinking about the boy from my past again.   So, I’m going to dive back into story and hope it distracts me long enough to produce a couple hundred words I’ll consider today a good one.

November 15, 2008

quick question

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So I’m slugging away on NaNo (and loving it) and I just realized something.  At the rate I’m going my heroine is going to be off the page for at least 10, probably closer to 30 (maybe more) pages.  I was worried, then I had a thought.  I’m creating a loss for my hero, would it help the reader if they miss her too by her simply not being there?  At this point, in my first draft she’s already gone for 15 pages and I still have one, maybe two more scenes to write before she appears.


Oh and as a point of reference, I’m currently working toward the end/resolution of the story.

November 13, 2008

NaNo – day 13

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The best laid plans and all that.  My word counts on Monday and Tuesday had me inspired.  I wanted to build in a buffer for Saturday.  See, I won’t be near the computer for most, if not all, of the day.  So I figured if I just wrote a few words over minimum for the week that it wouldn’t hurt my overall progress.   Best laid plan.

Then yesterday happened.  I pissed around all day.  I got up late, I played on the internet, I basically did everything but laundry and writing.  But that’s okay because I figured once I got home from dinner (went out with my Dad) I would settle in and write.  Since the majority of my word count occurs after dinner it made sense.  Then my Dad asked me a question over dinner.  He wanted to know if I could look up when the city was going to pick up leaves in our neighbourhood.  So when we got home, I checked.  I expected to find a future date.  That wasn’t to be.  I found out that the city had started leaf collection on Monday.  So my Dad and I spent the next 90 minutes raking leaves to the curb.   Have I  mentioned we have 2 HUGE elm trees in the front yard?  Yeah, they went nuts producing leaves this Spring.  Made for a pretty Spring, a beautiful Summer, and a miserable Fall.  Oh and just to add to the whining, these piles of leaves, 12 before had been covered with snow. 

I came in from this little adventure very cold and tired.  So, no words were written.  Well that’s not true.  My word count for yesterday was officially 198. 

So how’s today going?  Well I got the laundry done.  I still slept past my alarm.  And I still have 1000 words or so left of my daily minimum requirement.

November 11, 2008

Nano day 11

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I was posting my daily post over at the Will Write for Wine forums when I realized the threshold I crossed last night.  My current work in progress for NaNo is at 18,672.  That is about 600 words longer than the longest project I have that is open and current.  That project is one I’ve been writing on for 4 years.  Yeah, NaNo is a success for me even if I don’t write another word.  Not that I’m quitting.  I’ve got several ideas I haven’t put on paper yet and several threads I haven’t finished so I do suspect that my 120-ish page script will be at least 200 script pages before I’m done.

The other lesson I’ve learned through NaNo this year?  It’s amazing to have a support group.  This is the first year I’ve had that.  And I want to thank all of you.  The one thing that had been missing from my writing world was a support group but thanks to the Wiffers, I have that now.  Even if I do get blamed for things that I had NOTHING to do with.  *looking in Dr. Blue’s general direction*

Okay, I’ve got loads of other crap I need to get to before I can settle in behind the keyboard tonight.

November 10, 2008

NaNo – day 10

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I just updated my NaNo total for the evening and I see I’ve written 2,000 words so far.  That shocked me.  It doesn’t feel like it.  I’m not saying I’m done for the night, but I am certainly pushing away from the computer for a couple of hours.  Tonight is Dancing with the Stars, and I love that show.  So there’s an hour.  Not sure what else but I just need a break.  Maybe a quick nap.  If I can remember how such a thing goes.

November 8, 2008

Nano – day 8

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Well, I know what comes first.  Page 100 of my script.  I just updated my word count (14,258) and that has me at page 96.  So, I think I’m moving the goal post.  I’m going to write in script for one more week.  Can’t believe I’ve only be at this for 8 days, it feels like 20.  Anyway, I’m going to push through to Friday.  Friday night I’ll see where I’m standing.  I might actually have enough beginning – middle – and ending to be considered the shell of a story.   Besides, at the rate I’m writing, Friday will put me right about 25,000 words.  One thing I know I need to do when I print the updated pages tomorrow, I’m going to print the statistical report that goes along with it.  That is an amazing document.  It tells me how many times each character appears, how many words total they speak.  It also tell me how many scenes occur in each location.  In so many ways, writing my first draft in script format has been the best idea I’ve had in years.

Now?  I’m tired and cold and going to curl up with a book.  Or maybe just veg while listening to music.  I like that idea better.  I think I want to be in my own head with my own thoughts for a while longer today.

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