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November 3, 2008

Nano – day 3

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Day three and my word count is barely words counted. 

Part of it today is just lazy.  Well, distracted is more like it.  I think another part is the form I’ve chosen.  Writing in script format is freeing in some ways, but it’s stopping me in others.  I know what I’m doing wrong but it’s fixing it while sticking with the idea of NaNo that’s causing a problem.   It helped me a little to print out the pages today.  There’s nothing like having 55 pages of fresh writing to make a writer feel good. 

it’s something to think about.  Also I have to think more about how much outlines help me.  I’ve written 55 pages but little of it is going near my outline.  Actually, I think that might be some of my problem.  I’m trying to push the story back to the outline when it was going in a direction.  Now, I can’t just let my characters ramble on for pages, but I need to stop pushing them.  I’ll get there.  In some ways the more I’ve learned about how to write the less I do it.  I have to let the rules go and just write.  I think I enjoyed the process more when I knew less.

Oh and I just realized, I never put my laptop down on the lower part of my desk.  I did that Saturday and Sunday.  Where I have it normally, is just a little to high for long writing sessions.   Great, 3 days in and brain fry has taken over.


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