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November 5, 2008

old journals

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the space I’ve living in and how to reduce the clutter.  I have 4 years worth of journals, 7 spiral bound notebooks full of handwriting.  Most me venting about the ex and life in general.  I’ve held on to them because, well, I hold onto everything for a time.  Also, because I don’t have my old journals.  I mean my high school/college stuff.  I tossed them years ago, before I got a computer.  I’ve had the wild idea several times to transcribe these journals onto the computer.  Notice I never said I’d started that project.  I open up a notebook, read through a little and I cringe.  So now I’m wondering.  Should I go through them at all, or just toss the lot into the recycling bin?  I’m not sure I want to revisit much of that time, but there is just this little part of me that’s not ready to let go.

What would you do?  You have over 1000 pages of vomiting angry verbiage on the page to get it out and not let it fester.  Do you keep it, knowing what it holds or do you let go?  I’m leaning toward letting go, but curious what the rest of you think.


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