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November 7, 2008

Nano week 1

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I’m a week into NaNoWriMo and I’m very impressed with myself.  I don’t usually do this well with writing challenges but this one, I’m on fire.  I have definitely found the trick to getting words on paper.  I’m loving doing my first draft as a script.  Of course I may not be as much in love with it when I get around to draft two and doing all the changing it back work.  We’ll see.  My plan, if I haven’t mentioned it here before is this.  I’ll writing this first draft until the end of the month.  When the month ends so does draft one.  I don’t really care where I am in story.  I’m going to take a couple days off, the couple days built into the Sven challenge to catch my breath, to refill the well.  Then, I’m going to tackle draft 2 and do that for the remainder of Sven.  I believe I set my Sven goal at 70,000 which is the minimum.  I figured doing draft 2 would easily add 20,000 words to this story.  I’ve started looking at this first draft as an expansive story outline.  I have dialogue and scene markers, but not much detail.  Yeah, this is definitely an experiment in writing for me. 

Not much else in my world at present.  The weather here has been GORGEOUS so I’ve been out in it as much as possible.  We don’t get too many 65+ degree days in November around here.


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