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November 21, 2008

NaNo day – 21

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I think I know now what everyone meant when they complained about week 2.  Week 3 has officially kicked my ass.   I haven’t even written 2,000 words this week.  Normally that’s a daily total for me.  The problem, I did too good a job writing the first two weeks.  I have a full formed, all be it short, story.  I hadn’t planned on starting draft 2 before December 1st but that’s exactly what I did late last night.  I was tired of not writing and didn’t want to loss the momentum I’d built up this month.  It’s been an amazing month and I’ve had my eyes opened and I just didn’t want to stop.  So I’m not.   My plan, as it stands, for this weekend is to work on turning my first draft screenplay into a second draft novel.   This isn’t so much a rewrite as it is a transcription and translation.  We’ll see how this goes over the weekend and then I’ll decide on Monday if I want to continue or start on another project.  I want to hit that magical 50,000 word goal for NaNo but I’m just not certain I can do it with this project.  It’s a little frustrating for me because when I started this month I assumed (yeah I know) that I could do it without problem.  Okay, maybe not without any problems, I just didn’t expect this one.


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