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January 17, 2009

Slowly it goes

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I’ve started my second draft of “On the Way Down” finally.  Typical of me I’ve started writing it in longhand.  I’m thinking I should put it on the computer tomorrow and see if I can actually write draft 2 on the computer, in Word.  For as much as I fear the blank page when it’s on the computer, it’s no where near as scary when it’s lined notebook paper and I’m scribbling away with a coloured pen. 

I’m currently listening through my iTunes, looking for a love song.  Now, I have plenty of those, but where would the fun be if I could find one that would work with the story?  So, instead of writing, which I was doing now I’m blogging and hunting down more music.  Yup, making play lists is definitely a time suck. 

Oh, I sent the first 15 pages off to a friend to read.  I need to know if what I have as a basis is engaging.  I have no objectivity with my writing really.  Or rather, I just don’t hate my first drafts like everyone else seems to.  Maybe that’s my Leo’s ego at play?  Don’t know.  We’ll see. 

Not much else, well, I could bitch about how it’s been below zero all week, but I’ll save you guys that for now.

Oh!  I do have a question for my readership.  I’m in need of a placeholder for one of my characters.  He’s my heroine’s best friend.  He’s got to be sort of all-American, good looking without being pretty, average-ish build and fair/sandy haired.  Any thoughts?

January 4, 2009

Deep thoughts on a Sunday

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So I woke up this morning and picked up my blackberry (yes even before getting up) and noticed I’d gotten an email.  Which consider the Google alerts I have set up isn’t much of a surprise.  I checked it and found waiting for me the reply to the email I sent the Saturday before Christmas.  The one where I asked “the question.”  I put the blackberry down, leaving the email unread for about half  an hour.  For as much as I wanted to know I was scared.  So once I got up, made my coffee, and put on my lucky bracelet I opened the email.

What was the reply?

Well, I didn’t get a direct answer.  But the answer I got is so wonderful just the same.  To paraphrase.  John replied that teenage boys don’t date the girls they really care about and are friends with.  *eye roll*  I’ve been giggling over the all morning by the way.

So that’s the latest update.

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