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February 12, 2009

Still here

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Yes, I’m still here, even if much of my “free” time has been chewed up by Facebook.   I’ve cleared my desk of everything but “On The Way Down” and I’ve been getting some fresh ideas so things are still moving, at a snail’s pace, but at least the story is still talking to me. 

Not much else.  I’ve been working on crafting projects, trying to clear them from the clutter around me.  The fewer unfinished projects the better I feel.  Well, until I start the next project at least.

The lawn emerged from the feet of snow this week.  There is life under all the snow.  The paperwhites grew a little and I think the daffodils have started peaking through the dirt.  Now if the snow would just stop falling.  Okay, today I’d settle for the wind to stop as I’m a little worried about things flying away.  Not nearly as much here as I would at the old place – that was a rat hole just waiting for the right storm to collapse. 

Well time to get back to story, I’m working on an early scene, one of the more emotional ones for my hero and I have the perfect song playing.  I promise I’ll check back in a little more often.

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