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February 26, 2009

The things I do

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So here’s an example of what preoccupies me when I should be writing.  No, first let me say I have written 4 new scenes in the last 24 hours and a 5th is sitting here started.  Okay, no that I won’t get my knuckles rapped for not working let me let you in on a little of my madness.  I’m about to cross the 200 page threshold on this story.  Actually when I put the new scenes in (they’re handwritten) I will be over 200 pages.  I should be happy right?  Well I am, but frustrated as well.  See, my word count is 34,000 and some change.  But doesn’t 200 pages work out to 50,000 words you say?  Apparently not, and not by miles.  For as much as I’m preoccupied with this right now, if this had happened during, oh, say NaNo . . . you’d be pulling me off the roof right about now.

Now to save me the long explanations, here’s how my document looks.  It’s Courier, 12pt with 1″ margins all the way around and the spacing is set at exactly 25 lines per page.   Oh and before someone suggests I switch to New Times Roman, no I won’t.  I know some people like it and that’s fine, but for my working document it’s Courier.  I find NTR rather souless.  Too many years writing on a typewriter I think.  Either that or I’m just really weird. 

So anyone have any ideas how I can get my page count to come close to what it should be for the word count?

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