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May 1, 2009

May Marathon/Madness Goal

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Okay, I’ve been quite here mostly because I haven’t been writing and if I’m not writing I don’t think to blog.   That’s all about the change as today is the first day of the May Marathon challenge.  A writing challenge born amongst some Wiffers on Twitter last night.  I needed the kick in the ass and there is was, so here is my goal for the month of May:

To write 50,000 words on my 2008 NaNo manuscript. 

I need it to be somewhere near 90,000 words before I can think to start sending out queries (if I’m actually ready for that).  So NaNo part 2 here I come.  I’m plotting out a reward system, not completely sure yet, I’ll let you guys know when I figure it out.

Oh and the reason I’ve written marathon/madness is because when I wrote this down in my pocket calendar this morning I called it madness instead of marathon – probably more fitting anyway. 

One more thing, why is the word “blog” not in the spell checker?  I just saying.

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