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May 24, 2009

A little update

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So what have I been doing since my last “real”  post?  Let’s see.

I have worked on my story a little.  Yeah the word count is pitiful but I’ve figured out the hero re-design which is more important to me right now than word count.  I’ll be back in story later tonight. 

I pulled some old book out to donate to the library for their annual sale.  Here’s hoping I come home with less than I donated, I mean yes it’s a good cause (the operating fund of the library) but still, I’m trying to REDUCE clutter these days.  I still hope to read a couple more books before the sale, but doubtful now that they’ll make it out of the house for this year’s sale.  The good news is, the library takes these donations all year long so the week after the June 11th sale I can start taking books back over there. 

I’ve been sewing a lot these past couple weeks.  I’ve also bought a couple patterns that have really sparked that creativity and will help me chew up my stash.  See, like I said, I’m trying to reduce clutter and well, that includes the piles of fabric.  I’d like to not have books and fabric and yarn (wait I’m getting there) stacked up around and in the way.  I have also found a knitting pattern that should help me use the baby stash of fancy sock yarn I bought last year.  Now, before you suggest I knit socks here’s the rub, I don’t wear socks unless I have to.  Which means in the winter, with my boots.  The rest of the year I’m either barefoot or running around in my slippers. 

It feels good to be moving along on that front.  Of course nothing is finished to a usable state, but I’m getting there. 

Now the only other thing on my mind is the weather.  We seem to have virtually skipped Spring and are flirting with Summer.  I don’t like that much.  I need that slow warm up to get used to the heat.  I don’t like the heat much, or should I say I don’t like the humidity much.  Which doesn’t explain my overwhelming desire to move to DC but then again I’ve never claimed sanity.  Hell I’m a writer/crafter that pretty much guarantees me a permanent crazy.

So  I’ve checked in and I promise to do so a little more often.  Maybe if I do I’ll stop contemplating writing that fan letter I keep composing in my head.

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