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June 26, 2009

Slowly she remembers to blog.

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I’ve been re-working a couple of older ideas these past couple weeks.  To be specific I’ve recast the heroes in 2 stories.  In both cases it helped me solve some serious plot problems and got the stories talking to me again.

In the first one, it helped me pull some details from the plot that were never working but I refused to let go of just the same.  I know, silly writer.  I spent about 2 weeks working on this and getting it moving.  I have, at present, a 7,000 word document that’s mostly cut and paste from a previous draft but it’s a beginning and I know where it’s going now.

The second one was more troublesome.  The hero is a little older than I’ve written before.  The original placeholder was more of a beta hero, which worked in some ways because I wanted him to be a little less of an obvious alpha.  Problems developed when I couldn’t push the hero to be more alpha when I knew he needed to be.  He’s a good guy, all in all, but the circumstances of the story force him to be a bit of a bastard.  I had another one of those “a-ha” moments this week.  I was randomly watching television and I found the perfect placeholder for the hero.  The story has been humming right along ever since.   I finally pulled the story binder this afternoon and got it back in order and read through everything.  I’ve got notes going, had a completely new scene come to me, and I’ve spent the last 2 hours building a playlist.  Yeah, the playlist, it’s going to be a bitch.  Seems the girls have decided that this story needs a rather melancholy playlist.  We’ll see how writing to it goes tomorrow because this story isn’t going to be an easy one to write.  This is the darkest story I’ve ever attempted.  Probably a good idea that I’m writing this at the beginning of summer.  I don’t want to imagine what my mood would be like if I worked this story during the greyest part of winter.

Not a whole lot else going on.  I’ve been enjoying a couple dry days.  I’m reveling in the new roses.  I’m trying not to hover over the sweet peas that are growing so well this year.  Oh and did I mention the wild life around here?  Seems a mallard duck couple have taken up residence and are particularly fond of the neighbours pool.

June 21, 2009


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I think I have finally reached that point in my life as a reader that I can no longer torture myself with a book I hate, just to have the finish.  I hate this book so much, actually I hate the heroine so much I want to ritually burn this book in the driveway and dance around the flame in glee knowing I can (and have) written better characters a decade ago.

Yeah, I know, ego much?  But this is definitely one of those book where I know if it can get published, then so can I.

Okay, I feel better now.  The book is on the pile to go out to the garage, where the donation box lives. 

Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to review this book.  Oh did I forget to mention I got this book free from the publisher as part of a reader survey?  Yeah, soon the publisher is going to email me and want me to take a survey about this book.  Hopefully it won’t appear in my inbox in the next 24 hours.  My urge to vent will have passed, well I’ll have moved beyond the urge to vent about this book I’m sure I’ll have found a new topic by mid-afternoon.

So, how is life with you guys?  I think we’re due from a dry spell, which considering Saturday we had road closures due to torential rain and flood simultaneously is a good thing. 

Oh and I promise, I’ll try blogging more soon.

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