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October 7, 2009

Going public

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my future plans, the immediate future and after having an email chat with Kim (hi Kim!) I decided I would go public with my plans here as well.  I figure the more people who know about my latest bit of madness the better, because I need all the support/encouragement/nudging I can get.

So here’s the deal.  I plan, by year’s end to have 3 manuscripts of at least 50,000 words.  The first is nearly there and well, just needs some attention (the manuscript previously known as my NaNo book).  The second is going to be my NaNoWriMo challenge for this year – I’m pretty sure I know what story it is going to be but we’ll see how I feel at the end of this month when I make the final decision.  The third manuscript is the one I’m currently working on, “Redemption”.  It’s at 11,000 and some change without my latest additions and I’m about half way through my latest “draft.”  It’s 83 pages and I’m working old school (pen and paper) to fill it out.

That is half of my future plan.  The other half is to start researching agents and start the query process early next year.    Yup, I’ve said it out loud.   Or at least the internet version of saying it out loud. 

I’ve reached this point in my life where it’s do or die.  I’ve sabotaged myself enough and I just need to dive head first into this thing called writing for publication.  I’ve been writing for myself since I was 12 and I’m not afraid to admit that was . . . 27 years ago.   Now it’s time to start writing for the world.

Yikes that was scary to put down someplace where I *know* people are going to read it.  I’m not going to spill how many other blogs I’ve had over the years that no one else ever saw.  I will admit I’m thrilled they a) don’t exist anymore and b) no one read them.  I’ve been prone to melodrama in blogs/journals in the past.

So that’s the state of things here more or less.  I also promise to get back to this blog more often.  I know, I know, I’ve said that before but I mean it this time.  I promise.

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