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January 8, 2010

A week later

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A week later and I’m not much further along with the writing than I was on the 1st.  I’ve got a couple ideas I’m mulling, there’s a writing challenge I tripped across and it has me thinking.  Yup, that’s the burning smell you’ve noticed. 

For as much as the writing is stalled (sort of) the crafting is coming along.  I’ve finally gotten the urge to quilt, so instead of just putting quilt tops together and doing nothing else now I’m actually finishing projects.  That’s a great start and I’m sure I’ll blog more about that over on the blogspot blog.

It’s still a frozen tundra outside.  I think part of the creeping depression of the last week or so has been the lack of sunlight.  I’ve got the curtains closed because, well I didn’t want to see all that snow and for at least 2 days there I couldn’t see out the window for the blowing snow anyway.  But I’ve bitten the bullet and the curtain is open and as I type this I can see all that disgusting snow.  Sorry folks, it’s stopped being “pretty” on December 26th and won’t be “pretty” again until December 24th 2010.

So, since I’ve pulled myself away from the games on Facebook and I’m actually typing, maybe I should dig into one of the half-dozen stories I have just waiting for some attention.  Wonder what the girls are in the mood for? 


when did the spell check here become a spell/grammer check?  Geez people.


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