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February 12, 2010

Learning lessons

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I’ve learned a valuable lesson this week.  I hate revisions.  I have a 234 page manuscript that needs to be rewritten desperately and it’s been like pulling teeth.  The girls are screaming at me that they’re done with this story already, not that they’ve offered up anything else to work on but they’re not having fun with this just as I’m not. 

I never realized how writing dialogue heavy stories screwed up the page/word count formula.  Yes I know, I know, I know I should let this bother me but it does.  At present there is nearly an 80 page discrepancy between the two numbers and God help me but publishers tend to pay more attention to the word count than the page count.  Of course writing dialogue heavy stories also means my readers don’t, at first blush, know what my characters look like or what the rooms around them are like.  That’s most of what I’m working on but it’s not as simple as just tossing in extra words at the dialogue tags. 

So my next manuscript, whatever it is, will be revised as I go. 

This whole process has encouraged a bout of bad behaviour.  I haven’t been writing like I should be, or need to be for that matter.  Add in that it’s f*$&ing freezing here and I hate Winter to begin with and well, it all adds up to me spending a lot of time vegging in front of the television.  About the only upside is I’ve been making some headway with some of the unfinished crafting projects laying around here . . . but that’s not what I really need to be doing.

So with the start of a new day, a new week, I’m going to get better at all of this.  I’ve joined in with my writing group on a little writing challenge and hopefully it will be enough of a kick in the butt to actually get this monster done so I can start oh . . . I don’t know . . . sending it out to agents maybe?

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