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May 7, 2010

Wait? It’s May. Already?!

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Yeah I think I promised to get better at this didn’t I?

So, I took about a week and a half and did some work refilling the well.  I got some craft projects off the decks and am feeling generally better.  Of course I think the change of season has helped my mood much too.  I love Spring and nearly everything in the yard is blooming, well with one hold out.  I’m not sure what’s up with this one spot in the yard.  The first lilac bush that was planted didn’t survive.  I chalked it up to it being a mail order plant.  So last Spring a larger lilac was bought at the local nursery . . . it budded but that’s all it’s done.  I’m starting to think it’s dying.  Should I worry about what’s buried in that one spot in the yard?    I’m thinking if this lilac is indeed a goner I’m going to replace it with a flower almond . . . they’ve been so damn gorgeous around here this year that I have a serious case of the “I wants.”

On the writing front?  Well, I’m making progress with the story research.  I’ve got the story talking again and today I’ll be making some serious notes and may actually write.  I know, what a novel thought.  😉 

So, I make the promise again that starting here I’ll be blogging more which usually follows when I’m writing more.  Hope everyone has a good weekend (I’m ignoring the weather forecasts btw) and look forward to talking to you again soon!


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