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June 2, 2010

Reporting in

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Yesterday being the 1st and all I started the #mynoedmo challenge with Jean (see previous post for linky I’m lazy today).  I was a good girl.  I pulled out my most finished manuscript, “On The Way Down” and started reading.  I’d done 65 pages previously so it wasn’t a long read.  Once that was done the Younger Miss Bennett’s started chattering and away we went.  I’ve had a new scene come to me and am happily working away.  I even did a little happy dance via Twitter about the 1,000 words I wrote.  Then it hit me.  I have no real clue what my word count is.  I’m reworking an existing draft.  The best I can do (and that’s not even perfect) is to compare page counts.  The reason that’s not a perfect comparison?  The existing draft doesn’t have page breaks after each scene like the new one.

So, new day and new plan.  I’m going to just keep working away and not worry about this.  Yeah, I know, you are more than free to laugh at me about this.  I suspect sometime, either here or elsewhere I’ll start bitchin about how my word count doesn’t match my page count.  Yes, it bores even me but I still fuss about it and probably always will.

I think that’s it for the day.  I’ve got story spinning in my head, the playlist playing and I’m about to dive back in for the day.

Oh one more thing.  The contest I entered?  I didn’t make the first round.  Oh well.  This manuscript isn’t really ready for that kind of read anyway.  Next time.

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