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June 22, 2010

Okay, where’d the month go?

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Can’t believe it’s nearing the end of the month.  I mean, wasn’t it just Memorial Day like, 4 days ago? 

Yeah, needless to say the writing has stalled some.  No good reason to start with, then last week went down the tubes.   My Grandfather is in the hospital and it’s the best place for him.  Someplace he should have been oh, a month ago at least but I’m not going to go into that here.  He’s doing well now which is wonderful.  However it’s upset the routine around here and involved a lot of family conversations about his future so I’ve been good and distracted.

The stress of this (and some other stuff) has me cleaning even more than before.  I have a sudden urge to reduce as much clutter as possible.  I mean, I’m sentimental and all, but why am I still holding onto 7 volumes of The Black Stallion series when I’ve maybe read one?  I’ve had these books for . . . 30 years.  Okay, that hurt to type.  But I am holding on to the Little House on the Prairie set I have.  Nope, not letting go of those until I can by them electronically.  I’ve had these longer than the Black Stallion books.   The next pile to be attacked is my quilting books.  I know I have a few books that were bought for ONE pattern.  So, I’m going to photocopy that pattern and toss the book in the donation bin.  Oh and don’t get on my about copyright blah blah blah.

What else?  Not much.  I’m proud of myself for not obsessively checking email.  I sent another email to a story source, just a check in make sure he’s still interested in helping me.  I did that on Sunday and I’m not fussing about it.  One small step.  Yeah I need to get back to the writing.  Life is starting to get back to what is “normal” around here so hopefully I’ll be making progress again soon.

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