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July 29, 2010

At least it’s not pink paper

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So the younger Miss Bennett’s are at it again. 

I downloaded “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence & The Machine about a week ago.  Don’t know the song?  Have you see the commercial for “Covert Affairs” on USA?  Then you’ve heard the song.  After seeing the commercial about six times in less than an hour I went hunting for the music.  I let it repeat a couple times the night I purchased it but haven’t really listened to it, until tonight.  Seems it’s a perfect match for the story I’ve been neglecting all month.  Almost to a T.  Now this wouldn’t be a problem, if it were oh, say, noon but it’s 12:13am.  I’m tired, for the first time in two weeks easily I’m tired.  Could have something to do with the reading I’ve been doing as that usually tires me out. 

I wouldn’t have even figured this out if I hadn’t of gotten back on the computer to answer one email and send out another.  I figured I was up and well, I needed to not hear the neighbours dogs for a couple minutes so I plugged into the iPod.  Yeah, now I’ve got story running through my very sleepy mind.  Oh.  Joy.

So that’s my life tonight.  The rest?  Not worth rehashing really.  Too much family drama that isn’t worth the first blush of energy I’ve given it, let alone a second blush.  I promise you guys one thing though, I’ll be back soon.  This is one habit I need to get back to seriously.

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