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March 24, 2011

A quick update

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Since we last spoke I’ve written . . . no clue.  I don’t remember where I was a week ago to update a word count.  I’ve read a couple books, hoping to clear out a few more here soon.  I definitely need to take the growing donation pile to the library and soon.

What has been taking up my time is piecing 4 small quilt tops to donate.  I see a lot of women on my quilting chat loop who make charity quilts with their guilds to donate to wherever.  I discovered that the local shop owner will take pieced tops and finish them and donate them.  I think I mentioned this in my last post.  Well I’ve happily made 4 tops that will be taken to the shop this weekend.  I think committing (to myself) to piece 4 in just over a month was a bad idea.  I will still make a few more during the Spring and Summer (assuming we ever see the end of this snow) but I won’t put a deadline on it again.  I am very proud of myself of doing this.

With all that done I suspect I’ll get back on the writing wagon soon.  This sudden blast of really cold weather has pulled any desire I had to do anything but reading and nap.

How is everyone else’s week been?

March 14, 2011

I’ll get there eventually.

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Just a quick update.

Let’s see on the writing from I’ve got 8 pages and about 1,000 words.  Wait think you read that last week?  You did.  But no worries, those 8 pages will be incorporated into the 8 pages I’ve written today.  Yup, I’ve done that 1,000 words today.  I need to sit down and work out the new story points I’ve come up with in the last week or so and get it all in one piece.

On the crafting front I’ve got the blocks for 4 charity quilts pieced and pressed.  Now I just need the time and well, thread, to sew them into small quilts.  I figure it will take me a day for each.  Let’s hope it only takes a day for each top.  We’ll see.  I had hoped to pop out to the store today but waking up to snow (even just a dusting) made me not want to leave the house and since I didn’t have to I didn’t.  Maybe tomorrow will be better. 

Oh, I did finally get around to trying out Pandora radio.  I’ve been seeing people online talk about it for years now but never thought much of it until recently.  I go through this phase every couple of years where I just get bored with my iTunes catalog.  There’s plenty there I’ve barely listened too but still, I get bored.  I used to listen to the local radio station but that’s become a joke, even when I can pick it up.  So Pandora to the rescue.  I created my little radio station with a couple of artists from my current story’s playlist.  Namely David Bowie.  I built from there.  I’m liking this.  Also I’ve hit a small snag with the iTunes playlist for this story.  I’ve written to it just enough that I cannot change it because I know the order and expect song b to follow song a and when it doesn’t it pulls me out of the work.  The problem is that this playlist isn’t in the best emotional order so there are songs I’ll skip when I’m plugged into the iPod but on the computer it’s more than just a finger swipe. 

Not much else going on around here.  I’m seeing more and more signs of Spring, even if the temperatures aren’t improving.  I just want some fresh warm air and the ability to sit outside in the sunshine.  Is that too much to ask?

March 8, 2011

Back again.

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Okay since I committed to blogging weekly here goes.

Since last we spoke I’ve written 8 pages or 1300 words.  It’s slow but it’s coming along.  I suspect I’ll write some later.   My writing time last night got sidetracked by a little bit of just not feeling well.  So far today I’ve done my morning internet, that somehow took ALL morning to deal with which isn’t usually the case.  Then after that I cut some fabric for a charity quilt.  Did I mention that last time? 

I’ve committed to making 3 small quilt tops for charity during the Lent season.  It’s a great way for me to deal with the scraps that have been collecting around here.  I really wish there was someplace I could just donate the fabric to around here but alas there is not.  I wonder sometimes what it says about a place that makes donating items nearly impossible.  When we moved, my mother and I found at least a dozen coats/jackets that we were no longer wearing and wanted to donate.  Now I understand why most women’s shelters are not publicly listed, what I did not expect was to be told by someone at Social Services that they did not take donations of clothing or toys or blankets.  Really. 

I used to donate fabric and other crafting supplies to a local nursing home but they won’t take them anymore.  The nursing home my mother works at hasn’t taken donations like that in, well damned near forever.  My aunt and her girlfriend made lap afghans during the football season a couple years ago and then had a hell of a time finding any place that would accept them. 

Yeah, I just keep finding more and more reasons to get the hell out of here.  Now if I could just settle on one place long enough I might actually do it.

How’s everyone’s week going so far? 

p.s. what is it with the speller checker on this thing?  Afghans is too a word and it is spelled correctly.  Jeez.

March 2, 2011

A quick check in

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I just wanted to drop in with a quick hello, especially since I’ve been challenged to post more (waves at Kim).  I definitely have story talking to me plenty, I just need to get down to the actual writing part which I seem to be easily distracted from.  I sorted out a couple of story points last night regarding dual passports, which is a tiny point in the story but such a wonderful part of the story (if I do say so myself) and I’m thrilled to know it’s plausible. 

What else?  Not much.  I’ve been crafting a lot, trying to get to the bottom of piles and have a little less stuff sitting around here collecting dust.  I’ve also been reading through what’s left of my physical to-be-read pile.  I got a gorgeous red Sony ereader last Christmas but I’ve resisting much on it until I got a handle on the piles around here.  Notice it’s taken a year but it’s done, mostly.  I have a huge pile of Harlequins that I bought at various used bookstores for pennies that I’m thinking of actually buying retail and putting on the ereader.  I mean, I didn’t feel bad buying 4 and 5 year old Harlequins at book sales because they were virtually impossible to find anywhere else, but the glories of the digital age means I can buy them and actually support the authors. 

Not much else right now beyond my overwhelming desire to have Spring.  NOW.  Did I mention it’s snowing as I write this? 

And once again the speller checker has me laughing.  It’s flagged “red” as a misspelling.  It thinks I mean “read.”  I’m off to work on something.

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