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March 14, 2011

I’ll get there eventually.

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Just a quick update.

Let’s see on the writing from I’ve got 8 pages and about 1,000 words.  Wait think you read that last week?  You did.  But no worries, those 8 pages will be incorporated into the 8 pages I’ve written today.  Yup, I’ve done that 1,000 words today.  I need to sit down and work out the new story points I’ve come up with in the last week or so and get it all in one piece.

On the crafting front I’ve got the blocks for 4 charity quilts pieced and pressed.  Now I just need the time and well, thread, to sew them into small quilts.  I figure it will take me a day for each.  Let’s hope it only takes a day for each top.  We’ll see.  I had hoped to pop out to the store today but waking up to snow (even just a dusting) made me not want to leave the house and since I didn’t have to I didn’t.  Maybe tomorrow will be better. 

Oh, I did finally get around to trying out Pandora radio.  I’ve been seeing people online talk about it for years now but never thought much of it until recently.  I go through this phase every couple of years where I just get bored with my iTunes catalog.  There’s plenty there I’ve barely listened too but still, I get bored.  I used to listen to the local radio station but that’s become a joke, even when I can pick it up.  So Pandora to the rescue.  I created my little radio station with a couple of artists from my current story’s playlist.  Namely David Bowie.  I built from there.  I’m liking this.  Also I’ve hit a small snag with the iTunes playlist for this story.  I’ve written to it just enough that I cannot change it because I know the order and expect song b to follow song a and when it doesn’t it pulls me out of the work.  The problem is that this playlist isn’t in the best emotional order so there are songs I’ll skip when I’m plugged into the iPod but on the computer it’s more than just a finger swipe. 

Not much else going on around here.  I’m seeing more and more signs of Spring, even if the temperatures aren’t improving.  I just want some fresh warm air and the ability to sit outside in the sunshine.  Is that too much to ask?


  1. Woot for you! So cool with your writing–consider me cheering for your page count!!! And I love Pandora (and stations like it)–you discover all kinds of lovely tunes that get the girls moving, songs you would have never found on your own.


    Comment by Pamela Cayne — March 14, 2011 @ 6:17 pm

  2. Thanks Pam. My total at the end of the day was just a hair over 3000 words. Feeling pretty good about it all right now and can’t wait to get back into it this morning.

    Comment by coffeegirl88 — March 15, 2011 @ 8:14 am

  3. Hey – late to the party as usual, but wanted to come cheer for you blogging once a week AND making lots of writing progress!

    I’m also working on editing my story playlist – I might try your Pandora idea. I listen to Pandora on my iPhone when I’m bored with my own music library as well, but I’ve never thought about using it to develop a playlist. Brilliant idea, actually! You should post your playlist when your satisfied with it – I always like to see what other people come up with.

    Comment by Kim — March 18, 2011 @ 11:40 am

  4. Pandora radio yes we’re on a break. I created the station, named it David Bowie and then for the 2 hours I was listening yesterday I didn’t get one Bowie song. Did get Lynryd Skynrd, Boston, and a couple of Credence Clearwater Revival but alas no Bowie. I’m thinking adding Led Zeppelin was the gateway for this nonsense. I think.

    The playlist for “In Your Eyes” is a mix because as you know Kim this story started very differently so there are songs that no longer fit but I expect them in the line-up so I’m stuck. Alice has become a Bowie girl, which is why I went to Pandora. I have one multi disc greatest hits of Bowie but I was craving more. The Pandora experiment did give me a song by Psychedelic Furs and Naked Eyes and reminded me that Duran Duran is closely related to Bowie so I should probably mine part of that catalog.

    Comment by coffeegirl88 — March 18, 2011 @ 11:57 am

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