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March 24, 2011

A quick update

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Since we last spoke I’ve written . . . no clue.  I don’t remember where I was a week ago to update a word count.  I’ve read a couple books, hoping to clear out a few more here soon.  I definitely need to take the growing donation pile to the library and soon.

What has been taking up my time is piecing 4 small quilt tops to donate.  I see a lot of women on my quilting chat loop who make charity quilts with their guilds to donate to wherever.  I discovered that the local shop owner will take pieced tops and finish them and donate them.  I think I mentioned this in my last post.  Well I’ve happily made 4 tops that will be taken to the shop this weekend.  I think committing (to myself) to piece 4 in just over a month was a bad idea.  I will still make a few more during the Spring and Summer (assuming we ever see the end of this snow) but I won’t put a deadline on it again.  I am very proud of myself of doing this.

With all that done I suspect I’ll get back on the writing wagon soon.  This sudden blast of really cold weather has pulled any desire I had to do anything but reading and nap.

How is everyone else’s week been?

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