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October 30, 2011

Writing again

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It has been a wonderful month for me writing wise.  I’ve got a 101 page manuscript sitting here just begging to be expanded and it will be in the coming weeks even as I tackle NaNoWriMo I’ll be working on this manuscript as well.  Of course, speaking of NaNoWriMo I need to figure out what project to work on for that.  I’ve been thinking about pulling out a project I haven’t worked on in well, years.  Why you ask?  Because the hero is a dancer and I’ve got dancing in my head this past month or so.  Yes, I am a fan of Dancing With The Stars.  I think all this dancing to music in my head has been The Younger Miss Bennets subtle (yeah when have they ever been that) way to pointing me to my next project.   Of course I have to find the pages in amongst my files, but that honestly will take maybe 10 minutes.   Sometimes being very organized with my writing is a wonderful thing.

It’s also been a wonderful month for me because I’ve been doing some serious future planning.  I think yesterday may have been the first day this month that I didn’t do something or just daydream about those future plans.  It was also the first day in weeks I haven’t written.  I’m not putting myself down for that, I hit my goals and figured I could take a break for a day and just well, take a quick break.  I did catch up a little on my Netflix and finished reading a Suzanne Brockmann short story I’d started weeks ago then put aside for the writing.   Today is a new day however and I’m back in the mind set of working towards those goals.

So who else is in for NaNo this year?  At this moment I plan to blog a little more, if for no other reason than to keep a record of this year’s progress.  See NaNo is all a part of these plans too.  I need to cross the finish line this year.


October 26, 2011

Guest blogging

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I got the opportunity to guest blog for a friend (hi Melina!). So check it out here:
and I promise to have new content here sometime before the end of the weekend/month.

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