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March 5, 2009

March already?

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I’m thrilled that we’ve finally found our way into March.  Spring has to be just around the corner.  I mean, I found the beginning sprouts of crocuses this afternoon.  It could very well be 50 degrees today, okay so we’ll still have a wind chill in the 30’s but it’s warmer. 

I haven’t done much, if anything on my manuscript this week.  I updated the file with all my handwritten scenes and put the whole document into a ring binder as the brads were nearly too small to actually bind the document now.  I still mean to print out a fresh copy, but I’m torn.  I really like when a manuscript is scribbled all over with handwritten notes stuck in.  It’s well worn and comfortable.  Problem is, it’s also a mess.  I need to get working on it more.  I suspect by the end of the weekend I’ll have a fresh hard copy to mark up and spill coffee on to give it that well loved look.

I’ve had a new story idea tumbling around since Valentine’s Day.  Still no real plot, but soon enough I suspect.  I’ve been thinking it might make an interesting SocNoc project.  Of course that’s still 3 months away so we’ll see where my head is then. 

Oh and my class ring is bugging me again.  I wish I could have it sized without destroying the engraving.  I also worry that sizing it down will start to pull the  frame away from the stone.  Yeah, see, this is why I keep thinking about getting a brand new one.  I want to wear the ring, but it rolls around my finger, and well, you try typing  with a ring wedged between your ring finger and pinkie finger.  It’s very much like have a rock stuck between the two. 

Not much else.  I’ve started a knitted lace project, something wonderfully green to tide me over until the world outside starts greening. 

Exciting stuff my life, huh?

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