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March 19, 2009

Falling in Love

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I was going to say this isn’t about actually falling in love with someone, but maybe it is.

Sometimes I have to be dragged to some wonderful music.  A high school friend co-founded a band and it took me years to actually settle in with a cd and listen and then, well I had to buy every album I found.  And this is actually where this story starts.  There’s a man in that band, he’s part of the touring company and well, every time I see a photo of him, or catch videos of performances my eyes are drawn to him.  That little voice in the back of my head that kept saying “there’s something interesting there in that one” finally started screaming at me, as it often has to.  In some respects I’ve gotten good at listening to that little voice, but not always.  When it’s a danger warning, yup I listen.  When it’s whispering about a story, yup I’m listening.  The rest of the time, until the whispers become screams I don’t pay much attention. 

So where was I?  Oh right.  So I dug around and started listening to samples of music and well, I downloaded an album off iTunes last night.  Listened to the cd from beginning to end and fell in love with the music.  Not just that, I actually felt that warm fuzzy you get when you’ve enjoyed a little too much wine (or mead) but not enough to get drunk.  I don’t remember the last time I had music actually intoxicate me, but there I was last night, drunk on some of the most amazing music I’ve heard in a long time.  The wondrous thing, I had one song playing in my head so much I couldn’t sleep.  Oh and for the record, it’s playing while I type this.  I mean hell, if I’m going to be “hearing” it in my head I might as well actually be hearing it.  Right?

I’m not sure where I was going with this because I’ve drifted off twice now to the music.  Yeah, this is not how to get writing by the way . . . but I feel more creative today that I have in weeks.  I’m  not ignoring the coincidence of that by the way.   The challenge today is going to be in actually turning this music off.  I don’t want it to be what I write to.  I want this to be the respite from my writing, to be one of the bands I turn to when I want to enjoy music not brainstorm the next plot point.  I want this to stay the music I dream to.

October 23, 2008

musical thoughts

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I’ve had music on the brain the last 24 hours or so.  My wip involves a musician and I’m on day 2 of digging through my iTunes library looking for writing music.   Today I’m looking for the hero’s music, he’s the musician, the hard part is narrowing down the list as I could easily just dump an entire artist’s catalog into the playlist. 

The other musical thought in my head is this.  I wonder if music effects other people the way it does me.  Okay, I know it has to, I’m not that singularly special.  Music has never been just something to fill the quiet in a room.  I’ve never been a passive listener of music.  I use music as mood therapy.   I can tell by the aggitation whether I’ve listened to any music in a couple days.  With my previous mp3 player (the cute little silver brick) I would spend at least 30 minutes before bed cycling through music.  I’d be tucked warmly into bed, the lights out, the room lit only by the blue glow of the digital display cycling through whatever music I was in the mood for that night.  

There is some music I feel in my soul, some I feel in my bones, and other still I feel in my blood. 

Music is a mystery to me.  It’s about the one real creative art I am at a loss to create myself.  I’ve taken enough art classes, spent time with enough artists to understand the techniques.  But music, to make sound from silence, it’s alchemy to me.  

I think I was going someplace with this but I no longer remember.

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